Hi there!

Welcome to my site! I will be your host, Barry Harmsen. Unfortunately, there is not too much going on here right now, big plans, little time, but why not check out some of the stuff that I did manage to get on here?

Classic Computer Games

Leisure Suit Larry 7 Installer for Windows 2000/XP
Installation instructions for Quest for Glory 5 on Windows 2000/XP

Scuba Diving

Movies : a few short clips that I filmed while scuba diving
Pictures : underwater photographs that I took while scuba diving

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

The Qlik Fix! : my blog on QlikView tips, tricks and tutorials
BI Knowledge Base : a collection of articles and resources related to Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

Random stuff

Pyramids : an addictive solitaire card game that I made a while back
BMP2HTML : a completely pointless utility that will convert a BMP bitmap into an HTML table

My latest bookmarks


Next for QlikView and data discovery


QlikView Training - QlikView 11 for Developers


A Theory of Discovery: Tableau Customer Conference 2013 Keynote